Extra lesson  Conference  

Japan 2016


DATE    26 - 31 JULY 2016



   Keynote Speaker

   Joep Eikenboom


『The Foundation of

     Extra Lesson』


    Background of the Extra Lesson

                              based on Anthroposophy


  •   Structural and constitutional aspects of human organization 


  •    Super-sensible currents in the architecture of the human organization and nervous system 


  •    The reaction between the spiritual architecture of the human body and the earth


  •    Archetypal movement patterns in the human being


  •    The use of color in the work with The Extra Lesson


  •    Blue and Red and Eye Color Affinity


  •    Qualities of the different colors in relation to the development of the child


  •    Child development


  •    Lower Senses


  •    Mirroring and Imprinting process


  •    Differences between educational support and  medical, therapeutic approach